Wear simple clothes you feel comfortable in. Avoid clothing with logos or writing, as well as bright whites and pale colors, especially if we’re shooting outside and it’s sunny. Simple prints are fine, especially if it’s something your child likes to wear, but avoid anything bold enough to be distracting.

It can be helpful to coordinate outfits for group portraits — I’d recommend wearing shirts in a similar color family or tone.

I’m happy to discuss clothing options with you over the phone or help you make selections just before our session.

Please bring a hair brush to the session. If you or your child has long hair, style it away from the face. Keep make-up light. And — you’d be surprised —iron anything you just bought or haven’t worn in a while. Wrinkles will show, especially if you plan to order large prints or a gallery wrap.

Make sure your child eats before the session and bring a snack and drink just in case. It can be useful to have toys or a favorite stuffed animal to help your child feel more at ease.