the end of summer

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Summer is over. Everyone is back in the city and settling in to routines, new schools, new extracurricular activities and classrooms.

My older son has just started public pre-k, which has meant bringing him to school every day (via bicycle trailer!), wearing a uniform, packing a lunch and carrying a backpack to school for the first time. It feels like the end of preschool and the beginning of – gasp! – elementary school. What happened to my baby?!! It seems like he was just learning to walk and talk! The time goes so quickly.

Here he is with his brother this summer. When did they both get so big?

This brings me to: The importance of recording time passing.

Sure, you probably take a ton of pictures of your child. Most of those pictures are probably on your phone, and the quality probably isn’t too bad. You can probably make the pictures look pretty decent with filters and with Instagram. (hey, I do that too!)

But there is one thing missing from those pictures: YOU. Your family as a whole.

The biggest problem with personal photography – and the reason I have a professional session done of my family every year – is that my children will not have a picture of me otherwise. I’m the one who is usually behind the camera, taking the pictures, documenting the life that is going on around me. But it doesn’t show my kids’ relationship to me, or any of the fun things we like to do together. And I schedule a session every year because our relationship and the things that we do together change rapidly. Last year I was pregnant during our session; this year I was trying to corral 2 kids into the frame.

What is better than having a document of you and your family every year – a book, a portrait on the wall, something – that shows your family growing and changing before your eyes?

Autumn is my busiest season, as many families like to use their photos for gifts and holiday cards. November and December are typically very busy for me. If you know you would like a session, please give me a call or email as soon as possible. I’d love to document your family!

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