Summer Fun

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This vibrant family connected with me through my son’s fabulous preschool in Beacon, NY. We met on a mild but sunny July day for an energetic portrait session near the Hudson River. What fun the boys had, jumping and climbing on the rocks and chasing bubbles!

Thanksgiving in Philadelphia

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I don’t just photograph families in the New York City metro area! While I was visiting my family in Philadelphia over Thanksgiving, this family asked me to come to where they had gathered to take some portraits of their extended family. Grown siblings, their spouses and children – what fun!


Back in Brooklyn

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Summer Fun

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This family asked me to come this summer in the midst of a hot spell.  Rather than having photos of everyone trying to keep cool indoors, we mixed things up when we armed the kids with water guns!




Fun in the Fall

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A Last Taste of Brooklyn

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ElizasEyeReese IMG_5734
A fond farewell to this beautiful family, who will be leaving Brooklyn by year’s end. What a better way to remember the Borough than by visiting the Botanic Garden one last time?

ElizasEyeReese IMG_5808

ElizasEyeReese IMG_5908

ElizasEyeReese IMG_5937

ElizasEyeReese IMG_6009

brooklyn in the summer

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I met this happy family on a hot day in June, and after taking some photos at home we headed to the playground to play in the water. What joy!

November in Williamsburg

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I recently realized that I hadn’t posted photographs of this beautiful Williamsburg family, which I took back in November!

a december family shoot at home

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I shot this family right before Christmas, at their home in Brooklyn. The combination of a very active almost-3 year old and the smiley baby was somewhat challenging, but ultimately the shoot was a success!