Summer Fun

Fun in the Sun

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Wow, this winter is never-ending!

My family and I escaped to the Yucatan last week, packing our bags by candlelight and heading to the airport after our power had been knocked out by a winter storm. It was a glorious break from the cold and snow, and the kids had a great time swimming and learning about Mexican culture!

What is your favorite family escape?

Summer Fun

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This vibrant family connected with me through my son’s fabulous preschool in Beacon, NY. We met on a mild but sunny July day for an energetic portrait session near the Hudson River. What fun the boys had, jumping and climbing on the rocks and chasing bubbles!

Last Hours as New Yorkers

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This beautiful family asked me to document their last few hours as NYC residents before they moved out of state. We had so much fun playing along the waterfront of Long Island City!

Summer Fun

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This family asked me to come this summer in the midst of a hot spell.  Rather than having photos of everyone trying to keep cool indoors, we mixed things up when we armed the kids with water guns!




My Boys (+1)

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Last week I pulled my kids out of school and dragged them to Washington, DC so I could attend a photography conference. It wasn’t ALL work; here are my boys playing with our hostess and her son.

© Eliza's Eye Family Photography

© Eliza’s Eye Family Photography



© Eliza's Eye family Photography

Family Reunion!

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ElizasEyeBrun 004 (1)
This extended family came together from across the country to meet their newest clan member, a Brooklyn native. What better way to remember their trip to New York?
ElizasEyeBrun 005 (1)


ElizasEyeBrun 006 (1)

Central Park Summer

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This family was celebrating their matriarch’s milestone birthday with a weekend visit to New York City, and the photo shoot was a surprise gift for her. The love and joy between them was contagious. I can only hope that, when my sons are grown, I have the same wonderful relationship with them.

ElizasEyeBoyar 4

ElizasEyeBoyar 3

ElizasEyeBoyar 3 (1)

ElizasEyeBoyar 2 (1)

ElizasEyeBoyar 1 (1)


First Birthday Party

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IMG_8654 (1)Friends and family gathered on a beautiful summer day to celebrate the first birthday of my little guy, Marlowe. I also have a 4 year old – a child who may have a future career as a party planner – who had decided months before that we would have a piñata. Most of our guests were also either 4 or related to a 4 year old… Funny how that happens.


IMG_8559 (1)
Birthday parties are fun to photograph, though it’s hard to get great shots when you are hosting! I took a smattering of the event – a friend picked up my camera and got a few good ones (not shown here) of me with my family. Sometimes it’s better just to have someone else take pictures at your child’s birthday party!

IMG_8564 (1)

IMG_8578 (1)

IMG_8633 (1)

IMG_8640 (1)

IMG_8643 (1)

Summer in the City

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EE_ProspectPark (1)
Here are some photographs of my son and his summer adventures thus far.

EE_Superhero 2

EE_Superhero 1