Brooklyn Baby

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Newborns never cease to amaze me; they are so tiny and perfect.

I met this guy on a snowy day when he was 11 days old, so sleepy and small.

IMG_5971 - Version 2

IMG_6263 (1)

IMG_6299 - Version 2

IMG_6081 - Version 2

maternity leave

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Some of you know that I was expecting. At shoots in May and June, I was seen crawling or running around with a huge belly. It was an effort to keep up with some of my smaller subjects.

That is all over now, as I am happy to announce that the baby is here!

He is a happy, calm baby. The birth was smooth and I am enjoying being home with my boys.

I will be taking the summer off from photography, and aim to return to the camera in late September. If you are interested in a shoot, I’m happy to discuss one and book it now.


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I had the amazing fortune to be at and photograph a home birth yesterday. What an incredible event to witness and document!

I’m still in awe of it all. One moment there were 4 of us in the room, and the next moment there were 5.

Little Bird

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Blogging seems to have slipped my mind recently.

Here are some photos from a shoot I did a few weeks back of a gorgeous little 4 week old baby girl.


Newborn in the New Year

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This little guy was born right before Christmas. What a cutie!