My Boys (+1)

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Last week I pulled my kids out of school and dragged them to Washington, DC so I could attend a photography conference. It wasn’t ALL work; here are my boys playing with our hostess and her son.

© Eliza's Eye Family Photography

© Eliza’s Eye Family Photography



© Eliza's Eye family Photography

Playing in the Park

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More photos from the fall. This family was such fun to photograph!





Fun in the Fall

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A Last Taste of Brooklyn

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ElizasEyeReese IMG_5734
A fond farewell to this beautiful family, who will be leaving Brooklyn by year’s end. What a better way to remember the Borough than by visiting the Botanic Garden one last time?

ElizasEyeReese IMG_5808

ElizasEyeReese IMG_5908

ElizasEyeReese IMG_5937

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Family Reunion!

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ElizasEyeBrun 004 (1)
This extended family came together from across the country to meet their newest clan member, a Brooklyn native. What better way to remember their trip to New York?
ElizasEyeBrun 005 (1)


ElizasEyeBrun 006 (1)

Central Park Summer

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This family was celebrating their matriarch’s milestone birthday with a weekend visit to New York City, and the photo shoot was a surprise gift for her. The love and joy between them was contagious. I can only hope that, when my sons are grown, I have the same wonderful relationship with them.

ElizasEyeBoyar 4

ElizasEyeBoyar 3

ElizasEyeBoyar 3 (1)

ElizasEyeBoyar 2 (1)

ElizasEyeBoyar 1 (1)



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IMG_9923 (1)

ElizasEyeBengel 5



Liz & Jan

Paloma & mom

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a new section on the site!

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Even though I generally photograph families and children, I am often asked if I do events and parties.

I do!

And because I have done more and more parties and events, I have added a new section to the site. Please check it out!


2014 Year in Review

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