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Even though I generally photograph families and children, I am often asked if I do events and parties.

I do!

And because I have done more and more parties and events, I have added a new section to the site. Please check it out!


First Birthday Party

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IMG_8654 (1)Friends and family gathered on a beautiful summer day to celebrate the first birthday of my little guy, Marlowe. I also have a 4 year old – a child who may have a future career as a party planner – who had decided months before that we would have a piƱata. Most of our guests were also either 4 or related to a 4 year old… Funny how that happens.


IMG_8559 (1)
Birthday parties are fun to photograph, though it’s hard to get great shots when you are hosting! I took a smattering of the event – a friend picked up my camera and got a few good ones (not shown here) of me with my family. Sometimes it’s better just to have someone else take pictures at your child’s birthday party!

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Birthday Party

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We were guests at a birthday party a few weeks ago, and I took some pictures. What a fun event to photograph!!