More Babies!!!

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I photographed this family back in June, the morning after their son was born. What a pleasure to be there while they got to know their little guy! And – how amazing how quickly these little people change! I visited them just a few weeks later and he was a completely different baby, proof that having great newborn photographs is important.


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I have done a number of newborn portrait sessions in the past few months, and I can’t wait to share them here over the next few weeks.

I joined this family in their hospital room about 12 hours after their son was born, witnessing and documenting a few of the quiet first moments while they got to know their new baby.


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Please email me at photos @ by April 23, 2018 if you meet the criteria below. DO NOT send me a message via Facebook or Instagram or leave a comment on this site. Once I receive your email, I will send you more details about the session and an application.

I am looking for families who are:

-expecting a baby within the next 2 weeks.
-are delivering in Putnam, Westchester, Dutchess, Orange or Rockland, NY counties

Please share this with anyone you might think would be interested and who fits this criteria.

Many thanks!


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IMG_8514 - Version 2

I photographed this little girl at the end of June. She had just turned one. What a cutie!

IMG_8486 - Version 2


IMG_8532 - Version 2


First Birthday Party

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IMG_8654 (1)Friends and family gathered on a beautiful summer day to celebrate the first birthday of my little guy, Marlowe. I also have a 4 year old – a child who may have a future career as a party planner – who had decided months before that we would have a piƱata. Most of our guests were also either 4 or related to a 4 year old… Funny how that happens.


IMG_8559 (1)
Birthday parties are fun to photograph, though it’s hard to get great shots when you are hosting! I took a smattering of the event – a friend picked up my camera and got a few good ones (not shown here) of me with my family. Sometimes it’s better just to have someone else take pictures at your child’s birthday party!

IMG_8564 (1)

IMG_8578 (1)

IMG_8633 (1)

IMG_8640 (1)

IMG_8643 (1)

Brooklyn Baby

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Newborns never cease to amaze me; they are so tiny and perfect.

I met this guy on a snowy day when he was 11 days old, so sleepy and small.

IMG_5971 - Version 2

IMG_6263 (1)

IMG_6299 - Version 2

IMG_6081 - Version 2

Brooklyn Bridge Park with a Baby

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I met this couple – and their adorable baby – on a windy day in September. We walked along the East River to Brooklyn Bridge Park where we found a grassy spot overlooking the water and Lower Manhattan. There the baby explored the texture of the grass with his feet while we cooed over him and took pictures.

maternity leave

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Some of you know that I was expecting. At shoots in May and June, I was seen crawling or running around with a huge belly. It was an effort to keep up with some of my smaller subjects.

That is all over now, as I am happy to announce that the baby is here!

He is a happy, calm baby. The birth was smooth and I am enjoying being home with my boys.

I will be taking the summer off from photography, and aim to return to the camera in late September. If you are interested in a shoot, I’m happy to discuss one and book it now.

a december family shoot at home

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I shot this family right before Christmas, at their home in Brooklyn. The combination of a very active almost-3 year old and the smiley baby was somewhat challenging, but ultimately the shoot was a success!

Images from a Brooklyn Rooftop

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I photographed this family last week on their building’s roof deck. They have an amazing view of Manhattan, and the sky was incredibly dramatic, threatening to rain. We then moved inside and did a few shots in their apartment too.